The Great River Race is currently organised by the Great River Race Company.  The date for the race will be 10th September.  This has been booked with the Port of London Authority which is the organisation responsible for the management of the tidal Thames.  

The race will follow the route of all the races since 2009, i.e. from the Slipway in what was originally the entrance lock to the Millwall Docks to the meadow in front of Ham House which lies about a mile above Richmond.  All the necessary facilities for participants and others will be set up at the start and finish.  As always there will be safety boats and marshals along the route.   We will also be arranging for a Thames passenger launch to be available for people connected with the race crews to follow the race from the river, should they wish to do so.

The race will be open for boats with fixed seats and a minimum of four oars.  Each boat will have to carry a cox and a passenger.  The minimum size of crew for the race will therefore be four.  A flag must be flown by every boat for the duration of the race.  The directors reserve the right to exclude any boat should they consider that its taking part in the race would be detrimental interests of the participants and public.